St. Francis
Memorial Garden
                                at    KennelResorts
Your pet was an honored member of your family.
The St. Francis Memorial Garden at KennelResorts, with its
serene, wooded setting is the
perfect place to honor your
pet forever
.  The highest quality marble plaque, mounted
on the memorial wall, is the
perfect tribute. The hand
carved marble statue of St. Francis of Assisi is the center of
the reflection garden.  The manicured flower beds and
shrubs offer the
perfect setting for thought and prayer.  

Marble plaques are
available in four sizes:
4" x 4"        6" X 6"
12" X 12"   12" X 24"
...to honor your pet, forever.
Your family will design your pet's memorial plaque.  
The respectful words and the cherished photo you
choose will be laser etched onto black marble. It will
be mounted on the memorial wall ... to honor your
pet, forever.